"This is an album about dignity. Having, losing, and struggling to regain dignity.
It's hard than you might expect to live as you please." Sara Berg

Sara Berg creates emotional electronic music; dramatic, cool pop with depth, all
wrapped around a captivating voice. From the release of her debut album "Say
Hello To The Naked Lady" (2004) Berg has been focussing on the development
of her label Gaymonkey Records, which has grown to produce artists such as the
critically acclaimed Ebb and internationally renowned Melnyk. Berg's second album,
"When I Was A Young Child I Used To Feel Pleasure From Playing With Others" is
released in Sweden on 19th April.

"When I Was A Young Child ..." Is an LP comprised of confident electropop, where
Berg's voice and heavenly melodies are intertwined with beats honed from well worn
dance floors. Produced by Berg along with labelmate Ebb, the album is cleaner, darker
and more pop oriented than her first effort. A sound that can be defined simply as

Berg describees the new collecgtion oftracks as a concept album, which evolved over
the past few years as she explored the paths of success and failure. Notions of dignity
and integrity = how far one is willing to go to achieve their goals and what price they
are prepared to pay - are evident throughout each track's poetic lyrics.

"Crawl Back From Under" - the first single to be taken from the album (12 March -
download only) is anthemic of these concepts. It tells the story of a man who refuses
to give up, believing salvation to be just around the corner - if only he had one more
chance to prove himslef. Downtempo, but with a hint of delicious disco, this is
postmodern pop at its best.

Alongside working on her new material, Berg has le t her midas touch to others.
She wrote "Fabulous" for Melnyk's debut "Silence" - which caused a commotion in
clubs on both sides of the Atlantic - and toured with him across Sweden and the UK.
She also directed videos for both Melnyk and Ebb - including the stunning animated
"I'm All Made of Music" - voted one of the top videos of 2006.

Sara Berg started Gaymonkey to build a home for creativity and integrity, and of
course to release amazing electronic pop music - her own and others. In a time
when the major music industry players are struggling to survive - concerned more
with selling ringtones and spending endless boardroom hours trying to figure out
what this MySpace thing is - the independent labels are thriving and increasing
audiences. Audiences who put substance over muscle, sincerity over profit, and stand
firm in their respect for creative integrity.

Sara Berg is a great example of a fact well known - integrity is the new black.